With Senior Integral Yoga teacher Rowan Raghavan Cobelli:

Module 1 | 12-1pm | Choosing What to Listen To
• in asana we have short periods of time and receive a lot of feedback. During this teaching hour we will explore following a deeper inner flow in relationship to the personal will.

Module 2 | 1:45-2:45pm | The Impact of Vasana on Asana
• coming from the place of no need, a space opens up where we see where phenomena doesn’t touch. The integration of form into the recognition of the no form.

Master Class with 30 mins Q&A | 3-5:30pm
• we have called it this, not because of complex asanas, but for the maturity of the listening state and the willingness to enter authentic movement. The class will also offer some stronger and more complex asanas but as a progression and it won’t be the main thrust of the class. There will be an invitation not to lose this authenticity in a variety of shapes in space.



Module 1 and 2 £12each | Master class £20

Raghavan Pack: Module 1,2 and Master Class £40

Early bird £35 booked by 20/12/2015


To book your place please write an email to or call 020 8968 1900, thank you!


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