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Best Hatha School Where All Is Combined

Integral Yoga Hatha teaching offers a wonderful way to combine and integrate all the main practices of Yoga: Hatha, Pranayama (Nostril breathing to stabilize your mood and energy balance), Meditation, Devotional chanting (Surround the vibrational spirit of the entire universe), Bhakti (Experissing your devotion through prayers and chanting. Development of unconditional love), Ashtanga, Raja, Jnana and Karma Yoga.

Kashi and Maha

This yoga system works on all subtle body layers: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, thus benefiting the complete human organism by raising the vibration of every aspect of the individual and preparing us for higher consciousness. Integral Yoga® Hatha was brought to the West by Sri Swami Satchidananda, who was a disciple of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh. The center of studying meditation or yoke in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. This is a combination of specific methods of Yoga designed to develop every aspect of the practitioner.


The practice of physical poses and breathing practices is a wonderful way to relax the whole body and mind and prepare ourselves for spiritual practice.

Here are some of the asanas that you should try as a beginner:

1. Tadasana or the Mountain Pose

This is a pose that helps to stand steadily. The pose resembles the way a mountain stands and hence the name. You have to keep your heels slightly apart with the arm muscles hanging beside your butt. Lift your toes gently and spread it along with the balls of your feet. When you finish, rest your heels softly on the floor. This exercise is excellent for improving your focus and concentration. It also involves a specific breathing technique where you inhale while elongating your butt and exhale while releasing your shoulder blades.

Make sure your shoulders, hips, ankles, and ears are all in the same line. Check your body’s alignment against a wall while starting.

2. Vrikshasana

Also called the Tree Pose, this yoga posture strengthens your back and legs and improves your overall body balance. You need to stand straight and put your right foot on your left thigh. Most people can’t hold the balance for long, but they improve as they practice. Start by keeping your left leg straight. Then raise your right leg slowly. Now raise both your arms over your head while inhaling. Your palms should meet right at the top of your head.

On the other hand, your right leg should touch your left thigh. Hold this position for a few seconds before exhaling and returning back to your normal posture.

London Kailash classes are £ 10.
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3. Adho Mukho Svanasana

This is also called the downward-facing dog pose. It is one of the best asanas to stretch your chest and hamstrings and keep your spine healthy. Additionally, it improves the blood flow to your head, thus healing both your mind and body. You should start by sitting on your heels while stretching your arms forward. Lower your head and give your body a little upward push. Slowly raise your hip, and you will notice your head and hands are moving forward.

This posture also looks like a triangle. Hold this position for a while. Make sure you tighten your waist. This helps to slim down and feel energized.

4. Naukasana

Most people call it the boat pose. It helps to strengthen your upper back and shoulders along with your abdominal muscles. Start by lying back with your hands by your side and your feet together. Inhale deeply and slowly lift your feet and chest off the ground. Make sure that your fingers, toes, and eyes are all in the same line. Stretch your hands slowly towards your feet. You will feel some tension around your navel area. Hold this position for a few seconds before releasing your breath.

Your abdominal muscles start contracting when you are in the upright position. This helps to drive the fat from your tummy quickly.

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5. Paschimottanasana

This yoga pose helps to improve the flexibility of your hamstrings. It lengthens your spine and keeps your hip healthy. You should sit with your back straight and legs spread forward with toes pointing outward. Slowly breathe in as you raise your hands over your head while stretching. Bring down your hands and try touching your feet and hold it together. Make sure you keep your navel close to your knees while breathing out.

You get an elongated spine while doing this posture.

Maha and Karuna teaching

We have yoga mats here. Please bring some comfortable clothes for practice. If you are pregnant for less than 3 months, these courses are not for you, and we would invite you to join us later, after your first trimester, when we will be able to offer you some special modifications for pregnancy. It is a gentle class and no competition is needed.

We are a group of Integral Yoga qualified teachers alternating weekly.
Both experienced and newcomers to Yoga are welcome. Please try to be on time, but if late, come anyway, the receptionist will show you the way.
This is an open Level 1 beginners & Level 2 intermediate class, and everyone is welcome.